Monday, 28 September 2009



AS YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW WE AT TEAM SKY HAWK ARE DRIZZY FANS. HE'S FEATURED ON A NEW BIRDMAN TRACK WITH WEEZY, CHECK IT OUT! side note, couldn't put the official video up but your not really missing much




Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Drake Ft Kanye,Lil Wayne and Eminem FOREVER

Sorry but Eminem Wins Hands Down!

The Team Skyhawk.... Join the club!!!!

Team Benjart will like to introduce you to The Benjart Skyhawks..
Like every great team, we now also have our team mascot, whose Job is to look over the team whilst we soar to great heights within the UK's underground scene. The Hawk has evolved from the "Fortune Bird" which was once a Benjart classic taken from our first range "Spring/Summer 07"

Fortune Favours The Brave (Tshirt) Spring/Summer 07

Fortune Favours The Brave (Embroided polo shirt) Spring summer 07

Skyhawk Varsity Jacket Autumn/Winter 09 (Cut and Sewn) Featuring full Skyhawk embroidery

Skyhawk embroided/printed Hooded Top Autumn/Winter 09

Skyhawk Crewneck (Print) Autumn/Winter 09

Skyhawk embroided Polo Shirt Autumn/Winter 09

The Rose of Great Hope Tshirt

The Rose of Great Hope- Distressed Hoody

Here is the product shot for the Rose of Great Hope Distressed hoodie which also features a distressed 2 colour print which can be seperated by the zipper on the hoodie.

Ltd to 10 pcs!!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Product shots For A/W 2009

Throughout this week i will be posting the official product shots for all of the Benjart A/W 2009 range!

We start off with the blog edition Tee which features the Benjart official shattered dreams heart emblem printed on a nightmare black tee !

Look out for the remaining shots throughout the week


Saturday, 19 September 2009

Catch up..News...

What's happening dreamers!! Been a minute since i lasted posted anything. I've been busy sorting out a few bits and forcing myself to draw again. Trying to create a few special designs...but i'll touch on that subject on another post.

Now right now Mr West seems to be the talk of the town. Admittedly he messed up in a big way BUT in saying that he's probably done more for Taylor Swift than her record company could ever have done. If her albums sales haven't doubled in the last week i'll be suprised. I'm still a yeezy fan! An it seems most are, seeing as he's been nominated for 9 BET awards.

If anyones into boxing tonight is the big fight between Floyd 'MONEY' Mayweather and Juan Manuel Marquez. I don't know if i'll still be awake to watch the live fight but i know it's going to be a big one. Mayweather has proven time and time again that he is the best pound for pound fighter but Marquez is probably one of the best adaptable fighters out there and will give Mayweather a run for his money (no pun intended lol) There can be only one winner!

Well people i'm out. I'll leave you with this little video (bit of a cliche but i don't really care) See you in your nightmares hahaha lol


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

MDOTe Freestyle "In my new Benjart"

Came across this freestyle done by a south london Rapper/producer by the name of MDOTE. He is avery talented individual and made this whole freestyle, beat and lyrics in 1 hour flat. Imagine what he can do in a day!!

BMD Freestyle Music Video

Check out BMD'S comeback Freestyle Co-directed video by myself and the Spielberg of the grime scene'SB-TV' 2010 is about being involved in much more than one thing! Look out for more vids in the future!

Signing out


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Nike Reset pt 2, A Benjart Thank You!

Hey Guys,

I would firstly like to say thank you to Jude for putting together the Reset pt 2 event which once again both met and exceeded many peoples expectations!

The event was an extremely good look for all brands involved, as it gave us all a chance to meet and greet our supporters and members of the public alike. More importantly the brand exposure on the day definately helped to build the presences of all brands involved which is an integral part of brand building and perception.

Many streetwear retailers in the UK and Worldwide are closing down due to the economic climate, therefore it's important for movements such as this to continue to grow as it gives those affected by these closures "The Brands" an oppurtunity for growth in a restricted global environment!

I have most definatlely noticed the way in which THE RESET itself is becoming an established brand name in the underground scene as many of the supporters/customers that came to the second one were in fact the people who came the 1st time!

On that Note Thank you to Everyone that came down to the event
And congratulations to all brands involved:-

Second Son
All Caps
Cassette Playa
Suburban Bliss
Currency (Dope chef)

Signing out !

Reset Video ( Courtesy of BNTL.CO.UK)

Never reached Reset?

Wel the guys from over at BNTL.CO.UK had a video put together in order to document the 2nd meeting of 12 underground UK LABELS....

Look out for a Short explanation of the Benjart brand by myself within this

Its a good look

The Reset II from Gwilym Lewis-Brooke on Vimeo.

Signing out


Friday, 11 September 2009

Shattered Keri

What's happening people! As you've probably seen Mr J Benjart is back in the building and is already 3blog posts deep and getting ready for the official release of the Nightmare collection.

Now usually this would be my time to exit but i think i'll hang around a bit longer lol

Anyway moving on... I was on the concrete loop site (one of my daily fixes) and was looking through some pics and caught one of Keri Hilson. Now I'm a fan of Keri (side note, she's kinda nice too!!) and wanted a closer look at the pic. Upon doing so i realised her dress looked a lot like the Shattered Dreams Heart! Not sure who the designer is but there obviously secret Benjart fans hahah

Oh and be sure to check out her new music vid (you'll have to watch it on youtube.. embedding was disabled!)

I'm gone!


Lil Wayne Documentary

Whilst browsing one of my favourite Daily Hiphop sites, i came across this 40minute documentary about one of the most famous Rappers of this moment in time LiL Wayne.
The documentary gives a third persons insight into the life of Lil wayne so far, and also has lil wayne's closest people shedding further informatoion about this Rap stars Life.

The Egyptian Adventure Pt 1

Shortly after The Nike Reset event , I had to quickly run to the Airport in order to catch my flight out to EGYPT. The reason why I decided to visit the country , is due to the fact that from the days of me playing my ATARI , I had allways wanted a chance to visit the Pyramids. Whilst I do not know that much history about the country , I then decided to also visit the Egyptian Museum whilst I was in Cairo.

Desert Rider

We all had our own Quad Bikes in the Sharm Desert

A well needed drink @ the beach

Beach Thoughts............
Pool Rules!
Awesome View!!

More pics up After the Jump!

Nike Reset pt 2 ( More images)

These are a few extra snaps I took on the Day of the event.
I tried to get as much as possible but was kept slightly busy as we were 1 person down on the day!



Such A Charlatan

Fivestar Trapstar

The Devoted


Tons of Vitamin Water Ready for Free consumption .. courtesy of the sponsors

Cassette Player

Currency( Dope Chef)

Benjart ( Nightmare on dream Street)

Sunday, 6 September 2009


What's happening 'art' collectors. I was doing my nightly clothing blog rounds and saw something that caught my eye.

The new Nike Destroyer pack 2009! Now only one colourway captured me.. I instantly had a Nightmare (dry joke i know but i'm tired!) For all those who like high tops trainers these would go great with any of the Nightmare tee's, sweats and limited edition black satin varsity jackets.

If you haven't copped yours yet, do so as those who miss out will really be the ones with 'Shattered Dreams' hahaha

I'm gone


Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Small Gift

What's happening people? While most of us are cursing at the weather J. Benjart is enjoying some sunshine. I'm sure when he's back he'll have some photo's and news on upcoming projects and what you'll be expecting to see for the christmas period. Now i've personally seen one of the new tops and think things are going in a different direction. I haven't seen anyone else try this except for well established clothing companies so its refreshing to see someone take a different approach to this already saturated market!...but that's all for another post!

Now moving on, i was on the 2dope boyz site and came across the full length version of Drake's new song 'Fear' which is supposedly the only new single on the soon to be re-released So Far Gone EP (he's charging all you new fans for this lol). So as a little gift click here to get hold of the track.

In the words of Benjart,
Stay Fly


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Anthem of The Weekend.

I should have added this to other post but ah well...

This was probably the anthem of Benjart and team Sky Hawks on the way to Reset pt 2!



Takeover!... Reset pt 2

Your regular Shattered Dreams updates have been interrupted by L.A. the Victorious Villain!! hahaha

Nah i'm playing. Mr Benjart is away on a business trip so i'll be keeping you all updated over the next week.

Who made it down to Reset part 2? If you did you would have known it was another good look for Benjart and Team Sky Hawks! From the previous post that was put up you'll know that it wasn't as busy as the previous event but went well regardless. I personally think the new Nightmare varsity jackets had to be the highlight of that weekend.

If you didn't make it down tut tut tut shame on you! Don't be to disheartened though as there are still various sizes left in the re-release of 'Love at First Sight' aka The Marilyn, B-splash tee's and sweats and the Black Nightmare collection.

(side note, start getting your orders in now as the jackets, tee's and sweats are extremely limited in numbers)

Well that's all for now, check back soon.


Monday, 31 August 2009

The Reset PT 2

Once again sorry for the lack of posts..................

I was in the lab focusing on my Autumn/Winter collection for The Reset Event Pt 2 and I am extremely happy with the feedback and comments from both Benjart supporters and potential customers alike.

Whilst this time round, the event may not have been crammed full of Sneaker collectors yearning for the oppurtunity to get their hands on the Nike Air yeezy's. Once again, the UK underground STREETWEAR scene were able to put on a credible event which has most definately seen new support come from a whole spectrum of people.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

NIKE Reset ! Saturday 29th August 2009

NIKE 1948 in association with 12 of the UK'S underground and most sought after streetwear brands Collaborate once again to create THE RESET EVENT Autumn/winter 09

Brands involved:-

Secont Son
Dope Chef
All Caps
Suburban Bliss
Pretty All City

The event was a huge success last time round.. so once again I reccomend that you guys arrive as early as possible to avoid any sizing difficulties.


Benjart will Be revealing some extremely limtited pcs on this day. So be sure to get ready for the NIGHTMARES u will have on the day! LOL

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Love at first sight x Marilyn 2009 edition Preview

Hey Guys,

As you may allready know, Benjart will featue in Augusts RESET event @ Nike 1948 Shoreditch.

Below is a preview of the 2009 edition of the infamous love at first sight tee by Benjart. The imagery features the iconic Marilyn image with a Benjart twist. The iconic image was used to symbolise the way that the Benjart brand has grown through (Love at first sight)The word sight is a trick word used to make wearers look beyond the picture of Marilyn, but to also look in the eyes of the iconic Actress/ Model . It is then when they realise the true meaning of this Imagery used.

All details regarding the Reset Event will be up soon!


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The England 10

Grimes Stepping the game up!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tune of the week (Under rated UK artist)

This tune of the week, is a very under rated UK artist who goes by the name of HOODMAN.

He's a Good singer,has Great song writing skills and a decent rapper
This tune was definately ahead of it's time as it was done in 2007
but can be related to now......

I wonder if this artist still makes songs>?


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Off The Radar (Blackberry images)

Sorry for the delay!

The off the radar event was one to remember.
The success was definately boosted by the venue which created a relaxed atmosphere for customers and brands alike to be in. Pool, Table soccer and super nes were available throughout the day which definately added value to the events presence!


Signing out


Tune of the week

Haven't done this for a while!

The song fits in well to the current Benjart regime.
We all have Dreams........ Not all of us will reach them....

But its the Trying that Counts!

Signing out


Throwback Image

Here is a throwback image from Benjart 2007

Which featured the limited edition Polo shirt colourways!
They were limited to 10 pcs each colour and from what i can remember they all went within the first week of their release!

The colourways were a reflection of the bright and vibrant weather that we had at that time.

unfortunately Summer of 2009 seems to be well.......... Look outside the window LOL

signing out


Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Hey Guys,
Sorry for the lack of posts, after a real heavy couple of weeks, I am now back like never before on the blogging game lol.
Below is a video from our Mates over @ Trapstar from the Off the Radar Street Wear event.

The event was an oustanding success, and once again it Was good to see a strong unity within the scene!


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Where on earth have I been?

Further Shattered Dreams

Hey guys first of all i would like to apologise for the lack of posts on the myshattered dreams blog. This was mainly due to the passing away of my Grandmother MRS Cornelia Benjamin. So i have had allot to deal with in terms of funeral organsation etc.

My grand mother was a very influential person in my life and i made sure to see her @ least 2 times a week, even when my schedule was fully booked up...

She used to allways pester me about finishing university and subsequently on the same month that she passed away i received my final university grades and i am now a full (BA) Hons university graduate!

This is definately a milestone in my life that i will allways remember, and i will now focus on turning these pieces shattered dreams into a whole new way of thinking which will enable me to transform my shattered dreams into new dreams and reality!

Monday, 6 July 2009

B splash Monogram (Throw Back image from 2007)

Here We have a throwback image from 2007 of the Benjart Bsplash Monogram Tshirt...
This happens to be my most fav colourway of this particular design. So be sure to keep your eyes open for the Re-Release of the very popular, traditional Benjart logo!

BENJART PRESENTS.......Nightmare On Dream Street

Available exclusively at off the Radar Sunday the 12th of July 2009

To reserve yours please Email

Please come early to avoid dissapointment!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Best I Ever Had - Directed by Kanye West

Drake recentley side a 3-way deal with (Young Money/Cash Money and Universal) But still maintains he is an independant artist:-

Here is his first video release under his new management team Below..

What do you reckon?

Signing out


Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Jay Z Drops D.O.A Video

Great Video, Great Song AUTOTUNE R.I.P

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Temporary Benjart SHOP

Due to the constant influx of emails regarding the purchasing of Benjart Garments, I have decided to create a temporary Benjart shop which enables yourselves to purchase Benjart Garments Directly from your home computer or mobile.

All Garments are sent via next day delivery !

Please Go to to purchase!

Signing out


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Michael Jackson Dead WTF????????

Sky news has reported the Death of Michael Jackson.........

I hope this is untrue..

CNN has reported that he has had an heart attack....
I will post more information as it becomes available!

Off The Radar 09 ! Team Benjart

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