Friday, 11 September 2009

Shattered Keri

What's happening people! As you've probably seen Mr J Benjart is back in the building and is already 3blog posts deep and getting ready for the official release of the Nightmare collection.

Now usually this would be my time to exit but i think i'll hang around a bit longer lol

Anyway moving on... I was on the concrete loop site (one of my daily fixes) and was looking through some pics and caught one of Keri Hilson. Now I'm a fan of Keri (side note, she's kinda nice too!!) and wanted a closer look at the pic. Upon doing so i realised her dress looked a lot like the Shattered Dreams Heart! Not sure who the designer is but there obviously secret Benjart fans hahah

Oh and be sure to check out her new music vid (you'll have to watch it on youtube.. embedding was disabled!)

I'm gone!


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