Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Small Gift

What's happening people? While most of us are cursing at the weather J. Benjart is enjoying some sunshine. I'm sure when he's back he'll have some photo's and news on upcoming projects and what you'll be expecting to see for the christmas period. Now i've personally seen one of the new tops and think things are going in a different direction. I haven't seen anyone else try this except for well established clothing companies so its refreshing to see someone take a different approach to this already saturated market!...but that's all for another post!

Now moving on, i was on the 2dope boyz site and came across the full length version of Drake's new song 'Fear' which is supposedly the only new single on the soon to be re-released So Far Gone EP (he's charging all you new fans for this lol). So as a little gift click here to get hold of the track.

In the words of Benjart,
Stay Fly


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