Monday, 31 August 2009

The Reset PT 2

Once again sorry for the lack of posts..................

I was in the lab focusing on my Autumn/Winter collection for The Reset Event Pt 2 and I am extremely happy with the feedback and comments from both Benjart supporters and potential customers alike.

Whilst this time round, the event may not have been crammed full of Sneaker collectors yearning for the oppurtunity to get their hands on the Nike Air yeezy's. Once again, the UK underground STREETWEAR scene were able to put on a credible event which has most definately seen new support come from a whole spectrum of people.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

NIKE Reset ! Saturday 29th August 2009

NIKE 1948 in association with 12 of the UK'S underground and most sought after streetwear brands Collaborate once again to create THE RESET EVENT Autumn/winter 09

Brands involved:-

Secont Son
Dope Chef
All Caps
Suburban Bliss
Pretty All City

The event was a huge success last time round.. so once again I reccomend that you guys arrive as early as possible to avoid any sizing difficulties.


Benjart will Be revealing some extremely limtited pcs on this day. So be sure to get ready for the NIGHTMARES u will have on the day! LOL

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Love at first sight x Marilyn 2009 edition Preview

Hey Guys,

As you may allready know, Benjart will featue in Augusts RESET event @ Nike 1948 Shoreditch.

Below is a preview of the 2009 edition of the infamous love at first sight tee by Benjart. The imagery features the iconic Marilyn image with a Benjart twist. The iconic image was used to symbolise the way that the Benjart brand has grown through (Love at first sight)The word sight is a trick word used to make wearers look beyond the picture of Marilyn, but to also look in the eyes of the iconic Actress/ Model . It is then when they realise the true meaning of this Imagery used.

All details regarding the Reset Event will be up soon!


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The England 10

Grimes Stepping the game up!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tune of the week (Under rated UK artist)

This tune of the week, is a very under rated UK artist who goes by the name of HOODMAN.

He's a Good singer,has Great song writing skills and a decent rapper
This tune was definately ahead of it's time as it was done in 2007
but can be related to now......

I wonder if this artist still makes songs>?


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Off The Radar (Blackberry images)

Sorry for the delay!

The off the radar event was one to remember.
The success was definately boosted by the venue which created a relaxed atmosphere for customers and brands alike to be in. Pool, Table soccer and super nes were available throughout the day which definately added value to the events presence!


Signing out


Tune of the week

Haven't done this for a while!

The song fits in well to the current Benjart regime.
We all have Dreams........ Not all of us will reach them....

But its the Trying that Counts!

Signing out


Throwback Image

Here is a throwback image from Benjart 2007

Which featured the limited edition Polo shirt colourways!
They were limited to 10 pcs each colour and from what i can remember they all went within the first week of their release!

The colourways were a reflection of the bright and vibrant weather that we had at that time.

unfortunately Summer of 2009 seems to be well.......... Look outside the window LOL

signing out


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