Saturday, 12 September 2009

Nike Reset pt 2, A Benjart Thank You!

Hey Guys,

I would firstly like to say thank you to Jude for putting together the Reset pt 2 event which once again both met and exceeded many peoples expectations!

The event was an extremely good look for all brands involved, as it gave us all a chance to meet and greet our supporters and members of the public alike. More importantly the brand exposure on the day definately helped to build the presences of all brands involved which is an integral part of brand building and perception.

Many streetwear retailers in the UK and Worldwide are closing down due to the economic climate, therefore it's important for movements such as this to continue to grow as it gives those affected by these closures "The Brands" an oppurtunity for growth in a restricted global environment!

I have most definatlely noticed the way in which THE RESET itself is becoming an established brand name in the underground scene as many of the supporters/customers that came to the second one were in fact the people who came the 1st time!

On that Note Thank you to Everyone that came down to the event
And congratulations to all brands involved:-

Second Son
All Caps
Cassette Playa
Suburban Bliss
Currency (Dope chef)

Signing out !

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