Thursday, 23 July 2009

Where on earth have I been?

Further Shattered Dreams

Hey guys first of all i would like to apologise for the lack of posts on the myshattered dreams blog. This was mainly due to the passing away of my Grandmother MRS Cornelia Benjamin. So i have had allot to deal with in terms of funeral organsation etc.

My grand mother was a very influential person in my life and i made sure to see her @ least 2 times a week, even when my schedule was fully booked up...

She used to allways pester me about finishing university and subsequently on the same month that she passed away i received my final university grades and i am now a full (BA) Hons university graduate!

This is definately a milestone in my life that i will allways remember, and i will now focus on turning these pieces shattered dreams into a whole new way of thinking which will enable me to transform my shattered dreams into new dreams and reality!


  1. My condolenses and keep pushing.

  2. Sorry for your loss bro..Stay Strong


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