Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britains got Talent

I do not usually watch reality TV shows, however I have been drawn into the television by the Britains got talent HYPE on ITV............

Having seen the media coverage surrounding the "traditional, typical" British singer Susane Boyle, i decided to watch the final whilst bored on Saturday evening and then saw the performance of a dance group called Diversity.

Their relevance to the show in their final performance sealed it for me, alongside their age range and innovative concepts........

We are now beginning to see the UK stand up in various different industries.For the future of the uk's entertainment industry , it is of great importance for this type of Raw talent to continually be acknowledged

Watch Diversity's final performance below..........


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Benjart X Young Nate Mixed messages

Check out this video from last year featuring Young Nate And Soundbwoy ENT
Benjart garments are also featured in this video which is a very good look!

Shouts out to Irene!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Although i have not been utilising it, twitter is a good way to track the day to day runnings of people! Itgives you an interesting insight into their minds and helps followers to understand the person they are following in further depth (Lol sounds like a stalking site) Any ways with that in mind Follow me on Twitter


Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bsplash (Benjart) Collector

Just received an email from a pretty much "special" benjart customer.
He does not want to be named, however has stated that this is only his bsplash tshirt collection. He has purchased basically everything associated with the Benjart brand so is definately a key Benjart follower!

Shouts out to Mr A


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Eminem x Jonathon Ross!

Watched this last night!
Very interesting interview!
I appreciate Eminem both as a song writer and an Artist,But I wonder if his new album will live up to its expectations?

What do you reckon?

Friday, 15 May 2009

Young Jeezy X Benjart

Shouts out to young Jeezy!!

Looking back at my old pics I found this old pic of me and him in Cancun Mexico! Like Travis below, he also was a very cool guy!He gave us a direct insight into the life of a Rap superstar whilst we were in the Country and gave us advise which we still follow till this day!

Follow your Dreams!!!!

Dont know what on earth happend to my face though!



Thursday, 14 May 2009

Travis (Gym class) x Benjart

Shouts out to Travis from the Gym Class heroes (Fetaured below Live)

We met Mr Travis himself whilst we were in Mexico Cancun... he gave us free passes to his live performance @ the Mtv beach party. as seen below:-

He's a real kool guy! most people with Celeb status should follow his footsteps!


Benjart x Saffi Karina x Luke Miley Creative

Throwback image from the 2008 Benjart ad campaign involving the very lovely Saffi Karina
Photo and make up conducted by the Luke Miley creative team!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Benjart is in need of your email address!

This is in order to keep you guys up to date with all the latest info regarding Garments,Timepieces, accessories and the Myshattered dreams lifestyle blog..........
If you are interested in updates
Please send an email through to:-

re: Update



Currently in my car ON FULL BLAST!!!

This song really brings me back............. to the year 2000 WOW! yes the Year 2000 a.k.a the Millenium a.ka. Your computers gonna crash a.k.a the world's going to END..
Shyne was definately ahead of his time, as his music can absolutely tear apart some of the artists on top of their game right now! (personal opinion) But any way back to Driving LOL !!!


Monday, 11 May 2009

Shattered Dreams x Blog Colour Way coming soon!!

Due to the great response from you guys regarding the Blog! I will be releasing some Limited Edition Shattered Dreams Blog colour way Tee's and Sweats in June !
I am also currently working on some very interesting projects! All will be revealed very soon!

Tick Tick -----BOOOOOOMMMM!!!!

Today we just received our Second Delivery of the BSPLASH TIME BOMBS @ the Benjart Studio......

Our ever so lovely manufacturers even had time to attatch the individual barcode stickers to each individual one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for info regarding the Time Bombs please Message


Take your Pick!

Full images Coming soon!

Ralph Lauren x Deck shoes

Im not one to Get excited but WOW!!!! look at these Polo Ralph Lauren Deck shoes..
They've got my name written all over it.................................
I mean if you know your Benjart products well you would realise that this Navy blue/Yellow colourway matches the same exact colours as the Shattered Dreams Navy edition!!!!!!

This second colourway sits well on the white Sole whilst the cream lace finish compliments the navy blue lining and traditional polo horse.......................................
I would love to own these BUT.......................................

It's a Pitty that they only come available in Kids sizes LMAO hahahaahaha

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Miss Mei's CHAA-YOOON of the minute

In my car right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacaranda x Benjart pop up store summer 2007

Here is an image we found hiding in the Benjart photo archive. It was taken in the summer of 2007.We were located in the Jacaranda boutique pop up store Clapham. However due to the early effects of the C- crunch the boutique subsequently closed down a few months later!!

Mr Benjart x Fivestar (Trapstar) Pic Taken by Free Thought!

Preview pt 1:- The Rose of Great Hope

Time Please!

Going once,Going twice,Sold! Ltd edition Bsplash Time bombs
Grey Colourway still instock! Red,Turquoise and white Sold out!
Sorry Guys! LOL

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Invisible Man X Monroe x Benjart

Shouts out to Mr invisible himself in the Benjart Love at first sight x Monroe Tee
Neat pic!

The Art of Sampling

What im watching right now!

Trapstar X A.IN.T X The Reset

Come party with the the Trapstar/ team for a celebration of the Reset event last weekend! We all know you have got exams/work but you have to enjoy yourself! It's only Right!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

The Master Shortie Experience

Ok, so last night, I was notified that Master Shortie, who happens to be a friend of mine, was going to be in Reading for a gig. Now, this is my uni town and, for once, I'm ABOUT. (Ooooooohhhh I'm sensing blog-worthy experiences to be had!)
So... *PING!*...
I get the invite.

Master Shortie has just finished his nationwide tour, supporting Basement Jaxx, playing some of the best venues across the country. He's now touring with The King Blues, playing at universities and other venues around the south of England. Reading was on the list.

Tonight, I was picked up by the man himself, and we drove down to my uni to commence with gig activities. (The guy was actually on time, for once - I was banking on the 'late' time to get ready; I had to finish my make up in the backstage bathrooms).

MS performed with his guitarist, and his drummer, Sweetsticks. Cool company. The tour manager and engineer had me cracking up, backstage. They make a good team; you can tell they have fun out on the road together.

It was a tough crowd. At first, no one really seemed too impressed by the dude on stage in faded skinnies, mickey mouse tshirt, leather jacket and a cravat. But I have to give credit where it's due. MS has an amazing stage presence, his energy is contagious, and being an all-round good performer, he won the crowd over. High five to you, dude.

Watch out for his singles, Rope Chain, Dead End and Dance Like a White Boy, and later this year, his debut album ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
True to style, always on the go, I had to be dropped off home, abandoned, because he was getting calls to say Asher Roth was waiting to meet him in Movida. He's back in Swindon tomorrow for the Radio1 Big Weekender event, and flying to New York on Sunday morning to re-record the video for Dead End. Oh, the life and times of a star in the making...

Good luck MS, I hope you go far.

Currently in my car!

Ghost Face x Mary J Blige-Very Big Tune-

Gucci Deck shoes

They may be old but i still need to Grab me a pair of these Gucci Deck shoes! Crazy!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Introducing- Miss Mei X Benjart

I would like to formally introduce you to:- Miss Mei. Why is her face covered u ask? Well miss Mei has decided to restrict her identity as she attempts to hijack the shattered dreams site with her own thoughts,ideas and ideological views.She offers another dimension to this New Benjart regime!! and will contribute to Benjart's shattered dreams transforming into reality!

Introducing- Love at first sight x imperious


Playing In My Car Right Now!

Random Finds!

Just got tagged in this one on facebook!
Mighty Mo from the Heartless Crew in the Dead or Alive Tee illustrated by G.Dias
One question though! Where did you purchase it from? LOL
Keep up the good work Guys (2nd post on Dubai) i think i may have to pay over there a visit sometime soon :-)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Introducing:- The Time Bomb!

Middle school Nas

Great Video by Hype Williams- Well ahead of his time!
This was the period of time of which i preffered Nasir's Music!
why O why did you Tattoo her name on your arm???

The World Wide Tales of MR W

Every year BENJART loves to go on his travels.Europe,Australasia,USA,Africa, Antarctic LOL but one place i haven't been is UAE (DUBAI) Now the mysterious and unknown MR W(AS HE GOES BY) has sent me over some images to show me what im missing out on:-Next time (Mr W) send me my ticket!


The Reset Came And it was a Great Weekend
Congratulations to All the Brands involved

It was a pleasure working with you guys!

Thank you also to all of you who came through to the Benjart stall and seized the oppurtunity to either talk to us or to purchase something from the team!

its a great look for 2009 !!!

Unity is the key !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely knackered from the weekend!

This is the song i remember listening to on the way home, with the windows down,cruising @ 60mph on the A40!!Over the speed limit i know!

But we all break the driving rules





Trapstar House Party feat The Cool Kids 2008 (Throwback pics)

Here are some throw back pics dug up from the Benjart Archive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These pics are from the Trapstar x Cool Kids house party Feb 15th 2008
Wow thats well over a year ago!!!!
Event was absolutely crazy from what i can remember!
Our cuzzins over @ Trapstar need to put more events like this on!!

The Game Needs it!!!!!

Below Is a picture taken in 2007 The year that Benjart was started!
Its interesting how time flies! Had a very great weekend @ the reset and fingers crossed the next version will be exactly the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009 is the year of unity at a time when the economic climate is negatively affecting the ability to go forward!!

Lets make this a strong Year

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!


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